Coyote Weekend report

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reminder to add sailor wt. to reports....

Fri, Sat, Sunday. Coyote Pt. 6.5 Noa, 1995 9'6" ASD Course Slalom
Board (flat bottom and hard rails)

Fri. Rigged 7.5 NOA and was soon VERY powered so switched to 6.5.
After an hr, came in to loosen outhaul and wind died inside and I
floated n walked back. Tried to drift off beach to get out, but gave up
and decided to not risk it. Learned later that it was great way outside
still so I should have risked the float out.

Sat and Sun.... Went WAY outside, used flat water in channel to get way
upwind early and then played between 1 mile and 4 miles out for over 2
hrs each day often getting great gusts to fly upwind. Really nice
swells formed at times and lots of good little jump ramps between big
flat spots. Truely fun sailing! Knowing I have the VHF tucked inside
my wetsuit sure makes sailing outside more enjoyable... The range of
the NOA's really impresses me. Peter suggested I rig with no outhaul
and it really seems to help get powered and still handled the big gusts
fine (reports says 28 MPH!) Occasionally, I'd hit a big hole, but it
was not really a problem since I was so far upwind I could wait for wind
to fill in and they were really pretty rare.

> Former U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle

Kirk (230#) out

ASD epoxy: 8'8" & 9' RKT & 9'6" no-nose CS, F2 Xantos285
Wt 230#, Ht. 6'0", Usually sail on SF Bay, Cailf.


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