Re: Sunday at Delta....COW correlation

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Subject: Re: Sunday at Delta....COW correlation
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Zeev were you powered until 2pm on that 5.2? What kind of sail was it?
did you sail?
The COW archive shows the wind reading from the SW at less than 20 mph
from 10-1pm and only about 16mph from 1-2pm.
Does anyone else have personal experience from Sunday they would like to
to help correlate?
I'd love to get a better idea of just how to view the COW data for Sherman.
>From Zeev's report it would seem that the sensor reads about 5mph low from
SW (assuming that a 5.2 for 207# would be optimal at about 23mph of wind).
saw the pager reading about 17 average when I would have been getting on the
water at 10:30 (after sleeping in) and was falsely congratulating myself on
staying home.
Jeff Milum
Sales Force Automation Sales Team
Western Region


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Long strong ebb lasting the entire morning, solid
wind. I was very powered on 5.2/8'8" Enduro (207#)
and had a blast riding/jumping the swells.

Tried to loop a few times, came close once, broke
the harness another time (forgot to unhook). Looking
forward to nailing the first one. The 'green' sailor (green
board and green Sheldon sail) was nailing big clean
loops, the kind where he hangs in the air for a while
before throwing the forward - impressive.

The wind stayed up much longer then anticipated. Joani,
my hot sailing wife, got a great session and keeps improving.
Can't wait until Johanna, 18 month old daughter,
is old enough to play with friends on the beach so that I can sail with
Jo. BTW - Jo was powered on a 4.3/8'6" - all the way
until 2pm.

Wind, sun, family, friends, beer - this is as good as it gets.

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