Re: is COW geting worse now that they charge $$$ for it ?

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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 07:49:33 PDT

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Subject: Re: is COW geting worse now that they charge $$$ for it ?
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I got home after a swim in to check what COTW said for Coyote and it was
stuck on 2:47PM or so.....

Slogged out to what some would jokenly call wind and planned out in the
channel some. Pretty anemic power. In one section of reasonable 7.5
wind, I was cruising alongside a power boat for awhile as it was
bouncing over swells. It bore off some to get smoother water and pull
away when I guess we were both doing about 20mph. I tried to go over
its wake and try to use it to surf for more speed, but I stalled the
sail in the light wind and went in. Oh well, that was probably them
most excitement I've had on the water in some time....Pretty bleak
season so far.

back to my swim. I was planning in just fine with Peter of the Cafe
until I hit a hole and came off a plane. Figured I could still point
and get back to my starting point slogging but the wind was too light
and I fell in and didn't have enough to waterstart or fly the sail so I
swam it in from there thru the lower end of the swimming area.

Back to the stairmaster for me until I read some reasonable
reports...Just not worth the trouble.


David St. John wrote:
> > Does anyone else noticed this, or is it just me ?
> It's not just you - we "noticed" too! There is no doubt: our service has
> been worse over the last week than it's been in a long time. For anyone not
> following the saga, the hard drive on our wind reporting machine crashed
> Tuesday morning, just when we were about to launch the members' area and
> start delaying the free reports. Shouldn't have been a big deal, except
> that the backup system, which we had just recently purchased exactly for
> this reason, failed too. And on top of that, I had to leave for a five-day
> trip Thursday night during which time I couldn't work on the computer.
> After driving to San Jose to pick up a third machine and pulling two
> all-nighters, wind reports were back up in just under 48 hours after they
> went down. And as of yesterday, except for some missing archive graphs,
> we're back to the level where we were before the crash happened. Of course,
> I keep telling myself it could have been worse - everything could have
> happened AFTER I left on my trip. Or the backup data could have failed!
> But it could have been better, too. I really don't want to make excuses.
> For a paying service you should be able to expect zero down time. We can't
> guarantee that, but Jim and I can promise we will do everything we can to
> not let this happen again. Thanks to everyone for their patience,
> especially members.
> Alain, as for your specific issues:
> > the service was down for a while, their wind archives is totaly busted
> > (claiming no wind or data for previous day when I know there was
> > some wind),
> The missing archive graphs are a direct result of the hard drive crash. I'm
> in the process of rebuilding them from backup data - they should be back up
> there today or tomorrow.
> > and sometimes the data seems out of sync.
> I don't know why this would be so. Can you give me a specific example?
> >I can't even change the criptic
> > passwd and you need to type it in more than I care for.
> You will be able to change your password from the website by the end of this
> week. We've tried to make it so that you don't have to enter your password
> more than is absolutely necessary, but this is definitely the biggest
> down-side of having a subscriber-based system.
> > And withough tide
> > information, it make you wonder if the long trip to rio is worth
> > it or not.
> Tide info (at least textual) will be up before the end of the month. Also
> look for Mike Godsey's forecasts by the end of this week.
> --
> David St. John
> Call of the Wind


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