Re: \skinny mast anyone ?

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Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 12:01:16 PDT

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Subject: Re: \skinny mast anyone ?
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 12:01:16 -0700 (PDT)
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> + they are extremely light (like 2.5lbs) since they are 90% carbon
My 460 skinny masts are actually very slightly heavier than the equivalent
fat mast. If you want an light! mast, pick up that Powerex race mast, the
expensive one. I bet my skinny is lighter than a wave mast, however.

> + are supposed to be way stronger than even wave mast *key for me*
I believe they are stronger. Took me 3.5 years to break one, compared to 3
regular masts in 2 years before that. No control group, small sample, not a
very good experiment, more of a gut feeling.

> - they tend to sink the sail much quicker (since they hold very little
> air). How bad is that ?
That is untrue! They do not sink more. My experience is if the sail wants
to sink, it sinks. If it wants to float, it floats.

> - can't use with cambered sails (not a problem for me). Do raf/wave
> sails rigg ok on these ?
Because the mast is smaller, the camber induced batten is sometimes too
short to get tight. I have added a little bit of length to some of my
battens to fix this. Also, your sails will rig and sail a bit differently,
but that would be true any time you changed mast brands/types.
> - need to get adjustment for base (fint inside) and boom (rubber tube).
You will have to alter the bases you have, or get one that has skinny setup.
The Chinook stubby base I have works great. The mast comes with the boom
adapter. Easy to make more boom adapters, if you need one.

I got all my masts from Windsurf Berkley. They don't keep them in stock
anymore, so you have to order them. They take good care of me, new masts in
a flash.

Check out and They list specs and
weights. I don't know about no limitz or others.

More questions? You know where I will be, looking at the flat, still water.


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