Re: \skinny mast anyone ?

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Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 10:39:02 PDT

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Subject: Re: \skinny mast anyone ?
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 10:39:02 -0700
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>I'm in the market for a new mast (just broke mine yesterday) and I'm tired of
>having to buy a $200-$300 wave mast every year or so. There must be something
>stronger...I always break at the boom (pressure point).
>I'm considering getting a skinny mast, since all (most) of my sails are
>wave sails anyway.
>is nolimitz is the only making these ?
>Here are the plus and minus I know of. I would really appreciate knowing if
>others are using them and any good/bad feedback on them. thks...
> + they are extremely light (like 2.5lbs) since they are 90% carbon
> + are supposed to be way stronger than even wave mast *key for me*
> - they tend to sink the sail much quicker (since they hold very little
> air). How bad is that ?
> - can't use with cambered sails (not a problem for me). Do raf/wave
> sails rigg ok on these ?
> - need to get adjustment for base (fint inside) and boom (rubber tube).

You can ask Jay as well, since he and I are the only local members of the
skinny club (not our bodies) still left, but I *LOVE* my skinny. I've
had a skinny for about 4 years now, and I replaced the Dynafiber I lost
at 3rd in October with a WindWing (Powerex) 400. It works on all my
sails up to my (in)famous 4.9. Jay just bought a 460 Powerex that he
showed me yesterday. I'm having 460 skinny envy so I may buy one of
those as well. He told me he bought it at Berkeley Windsurfing. I
bought my 400 direct from WindWing.

I think these masts are 90% carbon pre-preg, and they are wave-rated.
I've heard the flotation argument from non-skinny owners, but except for
the brief moment of clearing the sail, I haven't had a problem. As for
the base, for the 460, you use a stubby that the mast fits inside. For
the 400, or for longer luff sleeves on the 460, Chinook makes a 18"
extension that the mast fits inside to allow adjustment on my 400 from a
3.5 up to a 4.9. The adapter is the same as a hose you can buy at Home
Depot, but I think the mast came with it. All my Interfaces rig OK on
these, can't speak for other sails/brands. Supposedly, Bill Hansen sails
on the 400 set-up.

Rumor has it Powerex is ceasing production on these, but don't quote me
on it. Also, if you have trouble getting it through Powerex, call the
WindWing shop and see if they can sell you one with their brand on it.
It's the same mast, though. I think their number is 800-345-9464

Hey Alain, I noticed your car at Natural Bridges a couple times. Have a
good session? Maybe the word's getting out and I should shut up.


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