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Subject: Re:  swim faster than paddle
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According to the English Channel FAQ at the New York Marathon Swimming
the water temperature is right around 60 degrees. The water right now at
Bodega in the ocean is measuring 56 degrees (Spring is generally colder than
summer) and there is no warming influence from the shallow Bay waters sourth
of the San Mateo Bridge. I don't know how cold Third Ave generally is but I
don't think that it is below 60 in the summer. If it is all those guys in
shorties are really mas macho!
Jeff Milum
Sales Force Automation Sales Team
Western Region


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>>>Jeff Milum wrote:
>Question: If a swimmer can cross the icy english channel three times back
>back swimming 38 hours with no wetsuit why would it be impossible (as in
>general consensus here) to swim for even 4-5 hours with a full wetsuit in
>summer at Third avenue? There are obviously some serious conditioning
>differences between English Channel Swimmers and Third Avenue Regulars but

Icy english channel!!!?
correction: although not the Caribbean or the Mediterranean sea the
temperature of the english channel water is much warmer than the Bay. The
Gulf Stream keeps it mild.

Claude Waledisch
Nicolet Instrument Corporation
Madison, WI 53711
Phone Mail 5217
Fax 608-273 5045

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