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At 10:27 AM 5/1/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Thanks to Jim and David. I can't even remember what windsurfing was like
>>before they existed!
>A lot of busy signals on the SFO ADIS phone line.
My personal best was something like 45 repeat calls using the auto redialer
feature on my phone. I eventually went high tech and bought a radio capable
of picking up the aviation channels, and installed a special antenna on my
roof in Palo Alto to pick the signal from SFO.

At this point in life, I can no longer afford the luxury of time spent
hanging around windless parking lots speculating about where & when it will
be windy. I follow a strict regimen at this point of "no blow => no go".
Between the value of my time and my gear, the costs being bantied about for
COTW are way below noise level. I'm definitely signed up!

Scott Winkler
650 917-9674 (hm)
408 863-7260 (wk)

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