Re: white knuckles and the hula - Berkley sailing

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Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 12:24:33 PDT

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for your information my 115# wife was on 6.6 and a 9'4" not op at
all(4:30 till 6:30) I myself was on 7.4 and 9'4" 145# Yes I was powered
up but definitely not op
we went up to the end of the pier and back a few times.
just a little practice for friday night races.
big is good

 On Thu, 30
Apr 1998 wrote:

> I was working frantically all day long hoping to
> get to Berkeley in the afternoon. At 3pm the pager
> was looking real good, so I made the short drive
> to His Lordship.
> The water did not look as windy as the pager was
> indicating, so I went with my big gear - 6.2/9'6" (207#)
> with a 'big ass' fin. First 30 minutes were good, then
> the wind dropped off big. Great practice - schlogging
> uphauling, and tacking. The tacks were especially tricky since
> the wind was really low, but the swell was running
> pretty big.
> Everyone, except for a few of the racers, got off the
> water around 4:30 due to low wind. Most folks packed
> it in. I decided to wait a few minutes, do some work
> and see if the promising fog bank would deliver.
> At 5pm, the wind all of a sudden cranked back up, so
> back out I go on the big set up. This was the white knuckle
> part of the day. I way WAYYYY OP'd - only fin in the water
> holding on for dear life, going way too fast, finding out that
> big boards can get pretty big air if you go fast enough. Jibes
> were pretty scary - exhilarating when completed. A small
> guy was on a wave board/4.7 ezzy and he was OP'd. The
> swell was Rio size - chest high, especially close to the
> restaurant. My guess is that all this rain moved some sand/gravel
> around and we have new sandbar there. In that size
> swell, a 9'6" board is not the ideal size, as it barely fit
> in between the waves.
> the 3 other guys who were sailing went in to get smaller
> stuff, and by the time they got back out on the water, it
> was too small and the big stuff was just right - vintage
> Berkeley. The fog came in fast and by 6pm is was getting
> pretty calm.
> Another day in paradise and I am grateful that I could 'get myself
> some'.
> Z.

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