Crissy Field Swimming Club

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Yesterday was a puffy day and quite few of us who were not on race gear did a
bit of swimming. I sensed things getting funky and turned back early enough to
make the beach with two uphauls of my 95 liter board and about 150 yards or
swimming in between the puffs that made uphauling worth doing. The Adventure
Catamaran and the Coast Guard brought in two as the fog line crept in and out
over them. After it seemed like everyone was in a couple of racers came up
from the Yacht Club to help in the head count, I drove the lot to make sure
there were no windsurfers unaccounted for. There was only one car that looked
potentially like it might be associated with a windsurfer. The small Honda had
board pads and a mast hanger on the rack, buty there were no clothes or gear
visible inside at all. It was parked near the trail head entry for the path
that leads up toward the old Coast Guard Station and Fort Point. I ultimately
decided it looked like the driver was not out sailing, but probably on a
walk... but who really knows? It occurred to me that it would be smart if
sailors at Crissy would make a habit of leaving their sail bag visible in
their passenger compartment when they go out. Other windsurfers could easily
verify tell whether you are out swimming or maybe just down at the Yacht Club
enjoying the sauna. Make sense?


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