Re: Unlicensed VHF Use

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Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 10:40:11 PDT

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> And yes, I did see that FCC info. Thanks to everyone who responded.
> What do (or can) you use as your call-sign?

When I was skirting the license issue, I planned to use my sail number
since I had no radio license number:

    "This is USA-411, windsurfer 'Airtime' calling Coast Guard."

But, I suspect the Coast Guard will respond on Ch 22 to "hey Coast Guard!"
just as well.

> When you transmit your
> mayday, do you just say "This is windsurfer Ed Scott near channel marker
> 8" or just "Help!"?

Remember that we sail by marker "8A" and marker "8" is the one two miles

Ken Poulton

"I was going a mile an hour sideways and 500 feet straight downwind. I was
looking out for the whitecaps. I *knew* what I was doing wasn't, you know,
fun." -- Armlong Gutwrench (David Stuart), "I'm in a Pickle Song"

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