Re: A day in the life of a windsurfer - survival story

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Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 00:29:15 PDT

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From: Jim Paugh <James.Paugh@eng.Sun.COM-DeleteThis>
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Subject: Re: A day in the life of a windsurfer - survival story
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From: "don brennen" <>
-> Any other 3rd Ave sailors have Talkabouts? Let's get something going, get
-> a waterproof bag, agree on a channel and code to monitor, and we're up and
-> running. I'll suggest channel 8 code 1 (for Channel mark 8A). Another
-> thing I thought of doing was cable locking one talkabout to the back of my
-> van, carrying the other. Then if I got in trouble or if someone wanted to
-> know the conditions in the channel just "press to talk". Just think of the
-> possibilities.

I can appreciate that if you already have the "Talkabouts" that you'd want to
use them. But the advantage of a marine radio is that you can contact the
coast guard directly on ch16, or other boaters in the area on a number of
channels. I don't think the Talkabouts use or can transmit on the marine
channels. There are also models that are submersible. Combined with a
waterproof bag, they really holdup to the beating of windsurfing. You also can
agree on one of a number of channels for general communication. My Uniden cost
$180 and is top quality.

I like your idea of carrying radios and establishing a communication protocol,
but it really should be based on marine radios. I don't say that just because
I have a marine radio. I bought it so that I can call the CG if I need to. But
if people are going purchase radios, they really should be marine specific.

I'd be interested to know if the Talkabouts can communicate on one or more of
the marine channels?

Just my .02 worth and certainly not intended as a flame to Don's email.

~Jim Paugh

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