Re: Unlicensed VHF Use

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Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 20:09:20 PDT

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Subject: Re: Unlicensed VHF Use
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 98 20:09:20 -0700
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>The last thing: if your radio does not have a battery indicator, get
>a voltmeter to test your charging process! My new Apelco 510 (warranty
>replacement last summer) did not make contact to either the new or the
>old charging base, so when I broke my ankle I was out there with a radio
>with enough charge to listen for a few minutes, but not enough to make a
>call! The Apelco web page FAQ said "bend the charger contacts" so this
>must have occurred on a bunch of radios.


I remembered your bad experience, and the Apelco 520 charging base does
indeed now have a charging light! They have the 510 on close-out at West

For some reason, I thought you had the ICOM M-15, so I stayed clear of
that one.

And yes, I did see that FCC info. Thanks to everyone who responded.
What do (or can) you use as your call-sign? When you transmit your
mayday, do you just say "This is windsurfer Ed Scott near channel marker
8" or just "Help!"?


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