Mike's Lab 8'10'' 80-85 liters

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Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 12:10:00 PST

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Subject: Mike's Lab 8'10'' 80-85 liters
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:10:00 -0800
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I have a smallish Mike's Lab 8'10" slalom board for sale. It was made July
'95 (I think). This board has a narrow nose, wide point at the mast track,
and the tail shaped like the pointy end of an egg. It is very fast and fun.
If you don't want to go fast, it's not for you. It jibes like a slalom
board (which means you can do all sorts of jibes depending on your situation
but you're not going to pull off a planing jibe with your eyes closed like
you can on a wave board). I use it with a 5.0, 5.2, 5.5, and 5.7, my
size-combo favorite being the 5.2 or 5.5. At 135-140#, I can up-haul it
(slightly under-water depending on how salty the water is and how much wind
is in the sail driving the board down) and tack it. I want $600 and I'll
throw in a 14" blade. (It has a meritex box. You can order fins.) I'll be
at the Berkeley Boardsport swap this Saturday and WSW swap Sunday--unless I
sell it before then. Call me at 510-526-5010 (ugly answering machine) or
925-686-7359 (voice mail) or reply via e-mail if you're interested. CINDOLL

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