Re: Cabarette - where to rent stuff ?

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Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 17:49:42 PST

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     Bic is probably cheaper - I rented from them, and liked the people. I
     didn't really like the Bic boards, though. I went last April, and
     desperately wanted a large wave board on a 5.5-6.0 type day with mast
     high surf, but the largest they had was an 85liter saxo and 5.25 Naish
     wave sail. Vela had more options.
     Frankly, if you're going in the next few months, which is off season
     for Cabarete (the wind really kicks in around June I think), I would
     suggest renting when you get there. The stuff won't all be sold out,
     is what I'm getting at. All the shops are within about a 200 yard
     stretch of Beach (right on the water), so it doesn't take much effort
     to scope them all out. And all should be equally convenient to
     wherever you're staying. And keep in mind you could have a lot of no
     wind days, in case you're considering a package where you pay for a
     whole week, whether there is wind or not.

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Subject: Cabarette - where to rent stuff ?
Author: (Alain Dumesny) at INTERNET
Date: 2/17/98 4:27 PM

Hello, I'm going to cabarette (Dominican Republic) and wanted to hear from
other who might have been there. There seems to be many places to rent gear
from, including vela which looks like they have nice wave stuff (Neil Pryde
combat/NR sails, F2 and Mistral boards) but somewhat pricey stuff ($45+/day)
which is more than I've paid when in Maui. Any recomemdations ?
Right now I tempted to just rent when I get there and see who gives the best
deal (for say 7 days out of 10). thks...
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