Looking for 460/25 carbon

From: Martin Frankel (mdf@sgi.com-DeleteThis)
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 12:13:36 PST

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From: Martin Frankel <mdf@sgi.com-DeleteThis>
Subject: Looking for 460/25 carbon
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 98 12:13:36 -0800
Sender: mdf@bluedini.engr.sgi.com-DeleteThis

So a few weeks ago I broke my 460/25 at Pillar Point in a nasty
catapult. I don't want to blow the bucks on a brand new one, but all
this great wind I'm missing is killing me. Anyone got one for sale?
30-60% carbon is what I'm looking for.

I'm also looking for a Bic Astro Rock or another good first
shortboard, though that can wait till the spring swap meets if

Thanks y'all,

Martin Frankel     ||||     mdf@sgi.com-DeleteThis     ||||     (650)933-6191

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