female windsurfer needed

From: Ken Poulton (poulton)
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 16:18:24 PST

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>From peggyn@sanfran.com-DeleteThis Mon Jan 19 11:24:00 1998
Subject: female windsurfer needed

Hi--I work for San Francisco magazine, and we're going to do an item on
windsurfing in an upcoming issue of the magazine. (I also plan to list
your site as a place that people interested in learning to windsurf should
check out.) What I'm looking for is a top female windsurfer to profile.
She could be someone who has a day job and windsurfs constantly in her free
time, or she could be a pro windsurfer. The essential thing is for her to
be a great, extreme windsurfer and to be a Bay Area resident. She could be
in any age category, as long as she's one of the top female windsurfers in
the Bay Area. If you know anyone who fits these stats, could you let me
know how to get in touch with her? Thanks very much, Peggy Nauts
(415/398-3595 ext. 235)

Peggy Nauts, copy editor, Letters editor, Word Salad editor
San Francisco magazine, 415/398-3595 ext. 235

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