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Date: Sun Jan 11 1998 - 23:53:09 PST

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>I pack in record time and hit the wet road. I'm way overdue, been in a
>funk, comming out of it and need my exercise. Shortly after 2 I'm at Doran
>and it's SW about 18-20. Surf is tiny, sloppy, and unusable - oh well...
>I launch right in front of the CG Station where the wind is perfect
>sideshore and the rigging area is clean. Well powered on the 5.3/8'8, I sail
>all alone for about 2 hours, got some nice starboard jumps now and then.
>Water was pretty comfortable, though I did wear a hat.
>Feeling better now, looking forward to a week of fronts and a weekend of

The Bodega sensor reads totally dead for any wind with some S on it and
Tomales doesn't help much either. The PA buoy is helpful. We musta just
missed you as we sailed the early, high tide shift at Doran. Even though
the surf was small we witnessed a mast-snapping two days ago in similar
sized surf at the low tide (same launch site but the wind was due east and
your jibe mark was Bodega rock). Bodega has had some good wind this last
weekl, we've hit it three times in the last seven days and maybe more tomorrow!


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