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Date: Sun Jan 11 1998 - 19:15:13 PST

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NWS forecast was hopeful for sunday southerlies, but calladawind was not
confirming. I did paperwork, watched the Broncos vs Steelers, and kept
checking websites and the window. Plenty of rain, but not enough wind.

After the game, I recalled a recent posting about the unreliablity of North
Bay sensors in the south and east directions, and made a call to the Pt.
Reyes lighthouse visitor center, which has a real anonometer readout right
by a phone and a park ranger. "30-40 up top here"

I pack in record time and hit the wet road. I'm way overdue, been in a
funk, comming out of it and need my exercise. Shortly after 2 I'm at Doran
and it's SW about 18-20. Surf is tiny, sloppy, and unusable - oh well...
I launch right in front of the CG Station where the wind is perfect
sideshore and the rigging area is clean. Well powered on the 5.3/8'8, I sail
all alone for about 2 hours, got some nice starboard jumps now and then.
Water was pretty comfortable, though I did wear a hat.

Feeling better now, looking forward to a week of fronts and a weekend of

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