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Date: Thu Dec 02 1993 - 14:35:16 PST

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Subject: Re: Sail repair shops 
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With the departure of Waddell Sails, I too know I will eventually need to
find a place for sail repairs.

I noticed late last season that it looked like Helm of San Carlos was starting
to get into equipment repair, but I never checked into whether that included
sails. I also heard that one of Waddell's employees was planning on staying
in Santa Cruz and open a sail repair place, but I haven't got any details on
how to find this guy. If the rumour is true, perhaps a call up to Waddell
(funny name for a loft located in the Gorge now, isn't it?) might yield

For me, Santa Cruz or San Mateo is somewhat of a wash. But if you hear of
any good spots, please let me know as well.


Ken "switching to snowboarding soon" Brown

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