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Is Lexington Reservoir usually sailable? I was not aware that there was a
resevoir this close that had anything worth sailing on.

Date: 8/30/93 6:00 PM
To: Steve Hunt
As NWS was explaining it to me, there is some sort of low-pressure
system off the coast that is channeling the wind with more of a
Southerly component. They expect this to continue tomorrow and
clear on Wednesday.

I had heard that on a South wind Lexington Reservoir near Los Gatos
gets good wind. I decided to go up there around 5:00 p.m. today and check
for myself. I got there and Lexington was under clouds, so I was
not expecting any wind. NOT. There were about six guys on the water,
and about two of them looked really powered. The wind on top of the dam felt
pretty vicious: maybe 20-28 mph. Judging from the surface
conditions down on the water, and the speed of the sailors out
there, I would guess that they were getting 16-25.

If you have a sail with good low end, I think it would be quite
sailable. The water was also unusually flat, making for good jibe
practice. Anyway, if the wind holds up, I plan to go there tomorrow
afternoon. Anyone interested in joining me?

Are there other good locations on a South wind?

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