Bad wavesailing spots

From: Luigi Semenzato (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1993 - 22:43:49 PDT

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Subject: Bad wavesailing spots
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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1993 22:43:49 -0700
From: Luigi Semenzato <>

I wrote:

>> > I can't imagine why any of those beaches would be a bad spot. They
>> > are all large, with no visible rocks, good surf, and they all look
>> > windy. In fact, I don't understand why anybody would want to go there
>> > other than 1. for windsurfing 2. for watching windsurfers. The
>> > picnic-ers look consistently miserable. --Luigi

Will Estes replied:

>> Who told you that these were bad spots? Do the locals frequent them
>> on regular NW days?

Nobody told me anything about good or bad spots, and I don't know if
Pomponio is good or bad on NW winds (actually, the locals told me, but
I was sworn to secrecy :-). The above was a purely personal comment:
a convoluted way of saying that I suspect ALL beaches from Half Moon
Bay to Santa Cruz are good wavesailing spots.

One comment I got from the locals (a quite friendly bunch, by the
way---perhaps they were in a good mood because of the big waves) is
that Davenport has something of a point break, nice but quite close to
rocks (that's to be expected, I suppose). I have now a detailed
knowledge of several sections of sea bottom at Pomponio, which is
sandy; I have no desire to extend this knowledge to other kinds of
surfaces; therefore, if the locals' intention was to protect their
nice spot from overcrowding, as far as I am concerned they have
completely succeeded.

Do people in this list do much wavesailing anyway? I know Jim Munro
does, but I can't remember if he is on this list (are you there Jim?
Thanks for the advice!) Last Sunday was my second time at the coast.
The first time was eight days ago. As I said, I had a blast: it was
like learning to windsurf from scratch again, but WORSE! The
punishment for mistakes was ridicolously harsh. After the first forty
minutes I was so tired that I had to rest one full hour. But don't
make me give the details: I want to write a little story about it. --Luigi

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