SF Bay Beach Cleanup Days

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Subject: SF Bay Beach Cleanup Days

[ My apology if you get this more than once... ]

Ken Poulton


                    SF Bay Beach Cleanup Days

The annual cleanup days, sponsored by SF Boardsailing Association:

--> Coyote Point Saturday, June 5th

--> 3rd Ave (Foster City) Sunday, June 6th

Both events will start at 8:00 AM and last until 10:00 AM or until we
get done, tired, or the wind comes up. We have to start early because
the max low tide is at 8:00 AM (Sat) and 9:00 AM (Sun).

* Come help remove that rock that crunched your fin and that broken
  bottle waiting for your foot!

* Discover historical windsurfing artifacts!

* Observe interesting marine life close up!

* There will be an update on local access projects and issues and
  a chance to ask or say anything you want about what SFBA is doing,
  and to get involved if you wish.

* Door prizes courtesy of our local shops and reps.

* Light refreshments: juice, coffee and rolls will be provided by SFBA.

* Bring buckets, picks and pry bars, and water and old towels to clean
  up with.

* Wear work gloves, booties or old shoes that can get wet and muddy.

    San Francisco Boardsailing Association
    1562 Union St, Box 301, SF, CA 94123

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