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For Wind_Talkers who are not signed up for SFBA eNews (apologies for
the duplication to those who are):

<<<< San Francisco Boardsailing Association eNews - August 2006 >>>>
If you like what we are doing, you can now renew/join online at

(1) Safety Day '\223 August 20th at Coyote Point

SFBA's Safety Day presentation will be at the Coyote Point Yacht
Club on Sunday, August 20th from 10:30 a.m. (thanks to the
generosity of Coyote Point Yacht Club). A raffle will be held with
prizes from sponsors West Marine, ASD Windsurfing/Kitesurfing and
Helm of Sun Valley. The prizes include two Icom VHF M72 radios
(submersible plus rated) and 2 Firefly strobes donated by West
Marine. The event will include a general safety presentation
followed by working groups on windsurf self rescue, kitesurf safety,
and VHF radio use. A top communications expert from the Coast Guard
Auxiliary will be on hand to give advice and information on carrying
a VHF radio for emergency use. Please encourage people to attend.
Coffee and bagels/donuts will be provided.

(2) Jay Runge Memorial

The effort to raise money to memorialize Jay has raised nearly
$5,000 from about 100 donors. A committee has been working to sort
through various ideas and has begun work on two projects and will
continue to work on other ideas. The first project is to install
durable modern memorial benches at the Third Avenue launch. They
will be located together to create a gathering place to encourage
socializing and community. One of the benches will include a
memorial plaque with Jay's picture. The second project underway is
to recreate the bench that Jay built using an old windsurf board.
Many boards were offered up as donations for this project and Jay's
brother Paul has brought down logs to serve as the legs under the
bench, so it will closely resemble the original that Jay constructed
for the Third Avenue launch. Cimeron Morrisey has also met with
Foster City officials and the Foster City Fire Department in an
effort to identify safety initiatives and other site improvements
that night be pursued. Our thanks go out to Cimeron and the other
committee members '\223 Chris Moore, Rick Cavallaro, Gerry
Mountain, and Mark Tischler.

(3) Exploratorium Camera

The Exploratorium has purchased the new camera and equipment and is
working on getting the new camera up and running. Because the old
mount is connected to rotted wood, the new mounting requires some
carpentry and creativity. We have let the guru at the Exploratorium
know how anxious we are to see the new camera up and running soon.
Once it is up and running, SFBA will work on having the camera
regularly shoot pre set views of locations like the Crissy Field
parking lot, Anita Rock, North Tower, etc.

Our thanks go out the following people who made the new camera a

Super Donors ($1,000 or more) Kevin Stone, MD '\223 The Stone
Clinic Bill Plautz, MD & Kathleen Welsh, MD

Donors Gary Berger Ed Coyne Paul Erlicht Ryan Lange Travis Lester
George Linke Joe Marenda Tim Martin David Nelson Chad Nichols Rick
Paillon Diane Portnoy Nils Reuter Richard Rhodes Michael & Susan
Samols Phil Shaw Chopper John Peter Thorner Brian Tjaden Paul
VanderMarck Richard Voss

(4) Name & Phone Number on Your Gear

There have been lots of reports lately of lost kites and kite boards
that were lost on the water. Please take the time to mark your gear
(windsurfing or kitesurfing) with your name and phone number.
Firstly, you might have a better chance of getting your gear back
whether it is lost on the water or left at the launch. Secondly,
you can reduce the chance that the Coast Guard launches a full
search and rescue operation after a piece of gear is found on the
Bay without a sailor to go with it. If they don't know what
happened to the owner, they will often assume the worst rather than
risk leaving someone out on the open water.

(5) Coast Guard Security Teams

In addition to saving lives and property, the Coast Guard is tasked
with law enforcement and homeland security missions. They have
established security zones around bridges, ports and even certain
ships such as cruise ships and oil tankers. When you see a ship
cruise ship, oil tanker, or any ship escorted by Coast Guard boats,
you should steer well clear. While a windsurfer or kitesurfer may
not seem like a serious threat, your presence close to the ship may
serve as a distraction to the Coast Guard crews and you might
prevent them from focusing on or moving toward a boat that could be
a threat (or firing at'\246 yes those are machine guns on
some of the escort boats). While the Coast Guard has not taken
formal action in any cases involving kitesurfers or windsurfers, a
violation of the 100 yard security zone around "high interest
vessels" can carry a fine of $250,000 or up to six years in prison

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