Re: Windsurfing in Orlando??

From: Ed Scott (
Date: Fri Dec 04 1998 - 17:36:31 PST

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Subject: Re: Windsurfing in Orlando??
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 17:36:31 -0800
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>Go to Kelly Park, at the tip of Merritt Island just before entering Cape
>Canaveral/Cocoa Beach off the Beeline (I forget the number, but I believe
>it's either State Rt. 528 or 520). Kelly Park is immediately south of
>the Beeline before you cross the last causeway over to Cape Canaveral.
>It's about 50 miles east of Orlando International. I was just there
>about a month ago for two weeks, and it was dead as a doornail. Great
>jetskiing weather though (bleh!). You sail on the Banana River, so look
>where 520/528 crosses the Banana River before the barrier island to Cape
>Canaveral/Cocoa beach.


I gave it some more thought. I'm pretty sure the Beeline is 520. You'll
go over one causeway, that's the Indian River. Get in the right lane.
It'll be either the next exit or the one after that. I think the exit is
Tropical Trail Drive. Anyway, if you see another big causeway coming up
and there's an exit, take that one. Merritt Island is pretty skinny at
the northern tip where you will be, and it won't be long after the Indian
River that you'll come up on the Banana River. Merritt Island is the
island between these two rivers both of which form the inland waterway on
the coast of Florida.

Good winds. If you don't get to sail, go down to Ron Jon's ("World's
Largest Surfshop") in Cocoa Beach and buy some baggies. They're open 24
hours now. You can also go to Cocoa Beach Pier and have a Pina Colada,
visit Kennedy Space Center to the north, gamble on a cruise out of Port
Canaveral, or go to Bunky's in Satellite Beach for some killer oysters
and shrimp.


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