Monday at Pt. Isa

Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 17:45:25 PST

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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 17:45:25 -0800
Subject: Monday at Pt. Isa
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Call of the wind indicated that it was blowing rather
nice in the N. Bay spots of larkspur, Berk and Pt. Isa. I
was amazed that Alameda was not blowing - at least
did not look like it. In the past this was my 'go to' storm
sailing spot.

Not wanting to take a chance on Alameda, I drove to
Pt. Isa and got there at about 11:30. No one on the water.
One guy taking his stuff apart - he was very powered on
4.7 and the F2 ride 277. I have not sailed at this spot
on storm winds in the past so I did not know what to

After a few seconds of contemplation/minutes of rigging, I went out
on 4.8/8'6" (210#). The wind direction was accurate
on the web page - very south. Your reaches were directly
to the island and back to the beach. I was very powered
to OP'd at times. Some gusts were totally wild - they were
very different from most gusts in that they lasted 10 minutes
at a time. On my first reach out I got some very significant
air on one of my jumps - one of those elevator jumps where the
wind keeps lifting you higher and was very cool,
one of those "suspended in time moments".

Once you would clear the land mass on the left, the swell
got to be head high, no shit. I know this is true because
in between the swells you were barely powered, but when you
got to the top, you were VERY powered. Very exciting

The water was brown and a bit chilly. I was in 3/2 w/rash guard, helmet
and booties. By 2pm my hands were getting chilly, and the
muscles in my body were letting me know that it has been over
one month since we last had the pleasure of dancing across
the water. It was pretty weird sailing in such strong rain/low
visibility with no one else around.....would have preferred to have
some other sailors around.

Overall, I would rank Pt. Isa as a great storm sailing spot for
the following reasons:
1. A place to get into wetsuit out of rain/wind
2. A non-muddy place to rig your stuff
3. A launch w/out too many swells - lets you get dailed into conditions
4. Big ass swells on the outside
5. Side/on conditions - if you break down, no big danger, just walk
6. Costco Hot dog stand - warm food after session....Yummie!

Felt so wonderful to sail. Yet one more thing to be thankful for during
the upcoming holiday - good thing I have two days to give thanks....Z.

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