blankets, viruses and attachments - list etiquette

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Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 16:20:20 PST

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Subject: blankets, viruses and attachments - list etiquette
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I already sent a reminder to the original sender, hoping we could avoid
discussing this on the list, but here's a reminder for us all.

    Please avoid posting non-windsurf items. It doesn't matter that
    the list has been quiet, or that the cause is noble, or that
    there is a horrble virus threat to every computer on the Internet.
    If the topic is not windsurfing, most people will be uninterested,
    some will be annoyed, a few will unsubscribe and our community
    will be poorer for their absence.

    If you're using Outlook, Explorer or Netscape to write e-mail, turn
    off the ``HTML encoding.'' Those of us on UNIX systems can't read it
    and don't care enough to save it and then view it with a Web

    Similarly, avoiding sending any attachments; many people can't
    read them even if they avoid being mangled by the listserver.

    If you have a questionable item to post, ask the list owner (me).

    When you see a violation of these guidelines and you want to
    respond, send a gentle reminder to the perpetrator *only*. Please,
    please, please try to refrain from discussing it on the list.

I would like *not* to discuss this on the list. Send me mail.


Ken Poulton

"Sometimes I wake up grumpy, sometimes I let her sleep."

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