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Problems with mitigation measures are:

1) Safety.... there will still be a large windshadow even if we get a
new launch upwind of Coyote.
2) Planned Airport expansion will probably cut off the bay from any
sites upwind of Coyote. We are already concerned about losing the
launch and grass rigging area by the hotels due to this.
3) Parking and security. LOTS of people can park inside the park and
we feel fairly safe leaving our gear there while we sail due to having
4) Safety - can sail alone and know that a ranger will call coastguard
if our vehicle is still there when they close the park.

Maybe someone can keep all these ideas and potential problems in a
common site....SFBA website?

"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men
of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding."
 ---- Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941).

Kirk out

> Unless I'm mistaken, the city planning process is just the beginning
> step in this project. The Bay Conservation and Development Commission
> is the big hurdle. Their regulations require "the maximum public access
> to the extent feasible". This is the venue where we managed to get the
> Third Ave site in exchange for the increased levy heights from Foster
> City. (Thank SFBA, Randy Anderson, Jay Runge, & others)
> We must be effective when they proceed to obtain permits from BCDC. If
> we can not get the buildings pushed back far enough to avoid wind
> shadows then we may be able to convince BCDC to require mitigation
> measures. Those measures might be shoreline access parking immediately
> adjacent to the bay, new access ramps, and grass rigging areas, all of
> this on the newly developed property. (These are just of few options we
> may have to consider. I'm sure there are others.)
> With Third Ave, we were extremely effective, swamping BCDC with the
> largest public comment response they had ever received on a project.
> Over 200 letters, faxes, adn emails. It did make a big difference.
> Unfortunately, the late notification on Oct 28 Deadline for the City of
> Burlingame will preclude us from getting a SFBA Access Alert out.
> I will personally send a letter to Burlingame and keep tuned for the
> BCDC permit.
> BTW Another project to keep tabs on is the SFO runway expansion project.
> --
> Kelly Wee
> SFBA Board Member


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