Palo Alto Fri Report

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Date: Mon Oct 12 1998 - 13:06:43 PDT

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I sailed Palo Alto Friday 4-5:45PM. 6.5 NOA and 8'10" Mutant (222#)
Gusty from the West but perfect combination!
That wide board sure works! I made every jibe the first hour and
conditions were not easy. Missed every jib after I started getting

Kirk out

> P.S. Also, great session on Friday evening at the Stick. I had to
> work a little later than I wanted, but got on the water at about 6pm
> and sailed until about 7:20. The wind cooperated well past that but
> it was gettin a bit too dark to continue given that everyone else had
> already cut out. When I arrived, I saw lots of guys sailing and
> wrapping it up on 5.0M sails. I (165 lbs.) was on a 6.0M Neil Pryde
> V8 and a Mistral Singer (265cm 88L). Hey, how was Crissy?

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