Fri @ Davenport, sticky zipper and jets

Date: Mon Oct 12 1998 - 09:39:36 PDT

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Subject: Fri @ Davenport, sticky zipper and jets
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The NWS boys came through. At 10 am
waddell was blowing a solid 15. The work was like a good
set of waves - lined up just right......

On the drive past waddell, the wind looked good,
but everyone was sloging both on the inside and the
outside. Not a good sign. Scotts looked better. Dport
was even better. Went out on 5.4/8'8" Enduro (207#),
a little light at times, a hadful others. The waves started
out small, and got bigger as the afternoon progressed.
By about 5pm, there were logo size sets coming through.

Around 5:30 a bunch of VERY good wave sailors showed up.
They were throwing sick forwards, big ass backward loops,
riding waves on the lee side of the sail, doing 360 on the faces
really cool stuff.

There was one wave that 5 of us all caught at the same time.
Everyone looked around and gave a big smile. All of us
continued to ride it making fairly small radius bottom turns
all the while smiling and having an awesome ride. A pretty
cool moment. Fun sharing waves with kind people. Definately
increases the "fun" factor of a session.

The wind backed off pretty hard around 6pm, and I had to do
my first walk of shame at Dport - good thing it was low tide.

Awesome sesh!!!!

Claude - regarding the stuck zipper, wd40 has worked for me in the past.

Justin - so did ya sail under the jets? I watched the show on
sat, and there was one jet that flew REALLY close to the water
and his engine left a track in the water - did you take off when
he went by that close? did you get launched?

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