Re: San Luis, when to go ?

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-> > Q: I understand it also depends on the water level. How can someone
-> > check the level of the damp, and how low before you need a weed
-> > fin or can't sail ?
-> You can get the water level from the wind talker at (209) 826-9019.
-> I have heard 220 or better is the sailable level but I'm not sure
-> how this relates to the (changing) weed situation.

The weeds are like kelp, growing on the bottom and floating up to the surface.
When the water level is high, they are under the surface enough that you skim
right over them. When the level is low, they pile up on the surface like a
kelp patty. Even when the level is high, you will still get tangled in them
when you fall in.

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