Re: "Tide Log" is a very accurate information source for tides

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Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 16:22:04 PDT

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Subject: Re:  "Tide Log" is a very accurate information source for tides
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> There is a small book called the "Tide Log", available at Frank's
> Fisherman and probably many other maritime stores. It has very
> accurate information regarding the tides for each day of the year and
> is much more meaningful than those little Hi/Low tide table books.
> There is a fairly accurate chart, which indicates the levels of hi/low
> as well as Max tides (usually the fastest tide is and hour before
> reaching the highest level) and the same for the low tides and slack
> tides.
> Different areas in the bay are detailed in the back with an hour by
> hour change. SF Bay is truly a complex organism, so it is really
> helpful to figure out the areas where you hang.

The problem I have observed is that the adjustments for locations
other than the Golden Gate are averge adjustments, and they are
wrong by up to 1.5 ft when we get a higher-than-average low tide.
The result is that you can end up mudslogging when the xtides program
accurately predicts "don't go there, you won't like it".

I'm not familiar with "Tide Log", but unless it has adjustments that
depend on how low or high the low tide is, I doubt it can be accurate

Ken Poulton

"Direct experience is best. The man who carries a cat home by the
tail gains information that will be useful all his life and will not
grow dim in his memory." -- Mark Twain

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