question about tides and interesting fact read in a book

Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 12:33:17 PDT

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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 12:33:17 -0700
Subject: question about tides and interesting fact read in a book
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Booker wrote:

"There are two tides a day. Generally one is bigger than the
other. We don't notice this in the summer as the bigger tide is
usually in the morning. The longer phase parts of the tide cycle
cause this bigger tide to shift to later in the day as the autumn
approaches. There is also a seasonal cycle of bigger tides in the
spring and fall. It's all pretty complex, but predictable. There
really is no substitute for reading the tide chart.

I was wondering if anyone could answer my daughters favorite
question - WHY?
Why 2 tides/day?
Why is one bigger?
Why is the bigger one in the summer in the am?

I know it has to do with the moon, the earth's tilt, etc., but can't
put all the pieces together - e.g., can not explain to others. Anyone
have any good web sites that explain this or can offer a simple

Here is one to chew on....I read somewhere that if women live in
nature w/no man made light - wake up w/sun and go to sleep at
sunset - their menstruation cycle will match the moons periods.
Pretty cool. (I think this was in a Tim Robins book "Still
life with a woodpecker"). I don't believe everything I read, but this
one was pretty interesting.....

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