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Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 20:44:43 PDT

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Vincent Royer <> wrote:

> Hi,
> My name is Vincent.
> I'm from north of France and I'm keen on windsurfing.
> I plan to be in San Fransisco during the last 2
> weeks of October and I'm looking for good
> wave riding spots.
> May you advise me ?
> Thanks'
> PS:
> Here some pictures of my holidays in Canaria.


Cool pictures. Is that really you? I am copying this response on our local
email list. Maybe one of our local wave sailors can also give you info. To be
honest with you the windsurf season is pretty much over in late October. There
are days here and there that are sailable, but don't count on it. Usually that
time of year the only wind is from approaching storms. Are you bringing your
own equipment? I don't think any local shops will have any rental equipment.

The most popular sites for wave sailing are Waddell Creek and Davenport, which
are both north of Santa Cruz. A small number sail at Ocean Beach in San
Francisco,. That spot is sailable only on north or south wind days.

I don't want to sound to negative but those are the facts. Anyone else want to
chime in? Please make sure Vincents address is on your reply.


SFBA Webmaster

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