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Date: Sat Sep 19 1998 - 09:16:21 PDT

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Subject: Re: HIT ON THE HEAD

>Third scenario: to protect you in a brawl / fist fight :-)
>Somebody on the list reported that he was attacked by angry surfers who
>were protecting "their" wave. The dudes tried to beat the windsurfer up.
>The face guard of his helmet saved him from a black eye.
I forgot about that one. While being humbled during an ASD race, after
blowing a jibe, the jerk (we will leave his name out) that I had passed
during a down wind leg started kicking me while discussing the big gash he
and his fin had put in my fairly new Mike's lab after ramming into me. His
answer: "That's racing man!!!" (8-( . That was my reaction with my
helmet on!!

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