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============= Mon 7 Sep 98 - 3rd - 6.0/257 (190#)

We finally got a wind report we liked at 3:30, got to 3rd about 4:15
to find big-board weather. People were sailing, but we didn't really
want to sail the big sticks. Hoping it might come up, we walked up the
shore path for a ways and wandered out on the wetland area for a bit.
The Coyote pager reading was getting worse, but the wind in our faces
seemed to be getting better, but so we walked back down to the launch,
watched for a bit, and suddenly people were coming in to rig down!

Not trusting the wind to stay big, we rigged big sails and small boards:
6.0/257 for me and 5.4/8'6 for Michael (155#). We launched about 5:40
and the wind was definately too much for my sail, but the swell was
fabulous! Great wide sets up to 6 feet high, where the breaking swell
makes the water completely smooth for the swell behind it. Wonderful
jibing on these.

I was getting worn out in a hurry holding on to that sail, but after
about 30 minutes the wind started backing off. Presently I was
loosening my outhaul back out, and we sailed for another 40 minutes
as the wind and swell slowly backed off. About 6:50 we found ourselves
starting to slog and headed in. I think we were the last ones in the
channel; everyone else was slogging in now. Usually Michael planes
longer than I, but this time Michael lost his plane near the channel
marker, while I loosened my outhaul way out and managed to squeek my way
all the way in on a plane.

Short but very sweet!

Had dinner at Fresh Choice with a bunch of the 3rd regulars. I left
before the food fight got too wild.

I think it's happening now; so I'm going to check it out.

Ken Poulton

" ... and then I perled." -- on a van

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