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I sailed Coyote launching around 4:30 on a 5.5. Immediately got sucked
into what I call the Great Coyote Wind Hole. This is caused by the land
mass around the Harbor lifting the air flow off the water. Once in it, you
have little choice but to schlog out past the harbor to pick up the
windline. Launching as far upwind as you can and pinching upwind with a
large fin helps, but even with all this, it took me 30 minutes to get on a
plane. Once outside, the wind was fine, and I quickly got back upwind,
where the wind picked up some, and it blows closer to shore. The launch at
Sterling Suites helps greatly, but is not that popular due to a challenging
entrance, especially at high tide.

At 01:58 PM 9/1/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Funny you should bring up Sunday at Coyote...
>I arrived there a little after 3 to find many sailors on and off the
>water, with sails rigged in the 5.0-5.5 range. Not feeling much wind, I
>checked out the pager which was reading 19knots. Feeling optimistic and
>figuring that the reading must be getting its data from outside, I
>rigged up my 5.3 MPR with my trusty 9'1" Screamer (floats with some care
>at my 190#). I begin heading out in super shlog mode. I figure I just
>have to suck it up until I get to the wind line. So I shlog out some
>more, and some more. Thinking I spotted a windline, I go further --
>nothing. Winds may have approached 18 in gusts outside, but mainly
>hovering around 10-15. Frustrated and worn, I tack upwind a bit to
>recover the ground lost by the current, and shlog back in. Back at the
>car, I check the pager once more -- 20knots! with history showing about
>the same. Get out-a-town! I've read all the discussions about the
>pager understating wind speeds, but over-stating??? Has anyone noticed
>this type of behavior before? I've sailed in 20knots enough to know
>what feels like, and this wasn't it!
>Just curious if anyone can explain these seemingly high readings, or if
>something was just off on the sensor, or possibly a cruel joke.
>As a happy footnote, I re-rigged to a bigger race sail and fin and had
>some fun toward the end of the day (I think it picked up a bit). Passed
>by a bunch of sailors not fairing as well on their wavy 5.x's,
>apparently fooled as well.
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>> The family wanted to go someplace where grandma could
>> play with Johanna "out of that darn wind that you love so
>> much" . Since it was one of the few places blowing,
>> Coyote was the call.
>> Got there at 2, looked really windy. Rigged 5.7/8'8"(207#) for
>> me and 5.2/8'5" for Joani. Got to the channel ok and had fun
>> for about an hour. At 3:30, I started to be a lot less powered
>> so we headed back in. Getting back was a bitch as the wind
>> was not filled in to the beach. Joani proclaimed about 1/2
>> from the beach - "slogging really sucks!" words of wisdom
>> from an attractive woman.......
>> Joani proceeded to go out on 5.7/9'4" and was "VERY" powered
>> for 3 hours. She came back proclaiming - "hey, Coyote is
>> ok. I guess I do like this place". She ripped. I was proud.
>> I went out at 6pm on the same setup, 5/7/9'4", and was nicely
>> powered in the channel. Sailed until the sun set in the sea of
>> fog. Planed back to the beach. Cold beer tasted very good on
>> a breezy Sunday evening.
Scott Winkler
Force 4 New Venture Partners
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