Re: Any recommendations for sites at the Gorge?

From: Martin Frankel (
Date: Wed Aug 26 1998 - 11:15:10 PDT

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From: Martin Frankel <>
Subject: Re: Any recommendations for sites at the Gorge? 
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Darin & I went there a few weeks ago, and it sounds like we're at
about the same skill level as you. There were three days where the
"corridor" near Hood River was windy, and we went to the Hood River
Marina all three times. It's a great place to sail, very nice
amenities, a smallish flat water cove, and then moderate chop in the
river. The best part is that if you get bored you can sail upwind
about half a mile to Event Site which is windier, wavier, and
generally more challenging, but still accessible to intermediates. I
tried it a few times and got pretty well spanked, but had fun.

They say that different parts of the river blow on different days so
it might not be blowing at Hood River. So, pick up the free Gorge
Guide in a shop. It has an exhaustive list of sites with difficulty
ratings, directions, and hazards. Then ask someone with a pager where
it's blowing. :)

Have fun and good winds,

Martin Frankel     ||||     ||||     (650)933-6191

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