Re: anyone been at San Luis

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Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 06:33:27 PDT

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From: Sam and Alex <>
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Actually I was at San Luis for my first time on Wednesday. I got there at
2pm and it was pretty dead... blowing only about 5-15 mph. We did some
sightseeing checking out all the possible spots to do Windsurfing. Not
wanting to head back in rush hour traffic we stay around and lucky we did.

The wind picked up around 5pm and kept blowing. It seems the most popular
spot is on the lower side of the dam on the east side of highway 152, so
that's where I rigged up. There were about 5 other people out on fairly
big sails, so I rigged up my 6.0 (175lbs) just to be safe. Went out on my
Electric Rock for a couple of runs, then switched to the Vivace 263 (81L).
The wind was gusting from 10-25+ mph and the water was flat... great for
those hero and duck jibes... too bad I can't do them! :)

The water is freezing! Reminds me of the Great Lakes in Spring time!

I didn't have any problems with weeds at all... I sailed with a 'normal'
11" pointer fin.

The wind kept blowing until sundown (7:30pm), so I had a good little 2 hour
session and the trip (from Foster City -- 1.5 hours) was worth it.

Highlight of the Day: Seeing a guy fly along ~25 feet behind a small boat
with 2 guys fishing... when he jibed he looked at his fin and pulled up a
big mess of fishing line! I was expecting the fishing guys to pull out
their hunting rifles... I'm sure they weren't amused!

Lowlight of the Day: As soon as I started I noticed a 3-4 inch rip in a
seam in a major panel of my monofilm. Since it didn't seem to be going
anywhere, I kept sailing for 2 hours no problem... of course on one of my
last runs I had a 'stupid' wipeout and the monofilm rips on the panel! Now
I have to replace a big panel instead of having a seam re-stitched! Argh!
 Maybe a little lesson learned about sailing with half broken equipment...

My Overall Impression: Not a bad place if there's no wind anywhere else in
SF Bay! The flat water would be great for beginners! But, I'd rather do
the drive to Rio Vista and hit some waves...

Does anyone know where the 'Call of the Wind' meter is for San Luis? I
looked around and even asked the Park Warden... but they didn't know where.


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>Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 12:40:22 -0700
>From: "Jim Murdy" <>
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>Subject: anyone been at San Luis
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>Has anyone sailed San Luis?? How weedy????
>As I too look at wind and waves from the cube and dream of a mental
>healthday, it looks like San Luis has been pretty solid the last several
>Jim Murdy

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