Weds wind direction

Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 11:37:05 PDT

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Subject: Weds wind direction
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You wrote:

>Will someone impart a little local knowledge.
>With the present southern biased winds, will Flying Tigers/Oyster
>Point be the place to be today?
>....and how close does the cloud line have to be to shut it all off?

The winds today look sucky. Get your work done, stay late, impress your
spend time with family/friends, clean your house, work in your yard, go to
know that the wind will come is not that day.

>From my experience, a fog bank 1/2 mile away from where you are is as close
you want it to get. OTOH, I have had days at Crissy where the fog is
overhead and it is
blowing pretty hard. Never can tell......Z.

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