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Way back I found a windsurf tale to be offensive in its telling, and
true to what I perceived as 'mailing list spirit' said so.
I was amazed by both the reactions and lengthy explanations for
something that seemed pretty basic.
Now Zeev, from that whole thread seems to feel the need to put some
kind of film rating on his really great 'sail naked story'
For the life of me I can't understand how you can make the blanket
assumption that from this day on, because there is some hyper sensitive
 feminist out there in 'list-land' that all subjects which contain
nudity need a disclaimer.
You could just 'use judgment

Subject: Everyone is a joker.....answers to all the 'sail naked' ques
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 1998 12:35PM

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Warning: If the 'girl walking dog' discussion thread offended you,
please delete this message now. Else, proceed.

I got a bucket full of emails asking me about my 'el natural'
sailing experience. In the interest of saving more time for sailing,
I have chosen to spool the q/a session and to respond in one email.

Q: Did you get a sunburn?
A: No, Joani was kind enough to protect me earlier in the day

Q: Did you catch any fish with that new lure?
A: No, they don't go for small lures and I was moving too fast

Q: Did you fall down? if yes, did it hurt?
A: Yes I did bite it once after a hooked in jump. My shoulder bore
the brunt of the force. Did not hurt.

Q: How was jumping w/out support?
A: Not too fun, ok if did not get too much height.
...see above comment about size....would have been
more of an issue if I were more like adult movie actors....Prefer the
support of shorts/wetsuit when it comes to air time

Q: Did the swell ever hit your X!@#$?
A: No, just an occasional but slap, felt kind of good ;-)

Q: What was the girls/dogs reaction?
A: I think I heard them yell "right on brother"

Q: What type of harness do you use?
A: Waist. Would not want hooks/harness lines getting
all tangled up w/a seat harness and other body parts.....

Q: a sinefeld inspired question - was there major shrinkage?
A: No, the water/air were very warm.

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