Everyone is a joker.....answers to all the 'sail naked' questions

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Subject: Everyone is a joker.....answers to all the 'sail naked' questions
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Warning: If the 'girl walking dog' discussion thread offended you,
please delete this message now. Else, proceed.

I got a bucket full of emails asking me about my 'el natural'
sailing experience. In the interest of saving more time for sailing,
I have chosen to spool the q/a session and to respond in one email.

Q: Did you get a sunburn?
A: No, Joani was kind enough to protect me earlier in the day

Q: Did you catch any fish with that new lure?
A: No, they don't go for small lures and I was moving too fast

Q: Did you fall down? if yes, did it hurt?
A: Yes I did bite it once after a hooked in jump. My shoulder bore
the brunt of the force. Did not hurt.

Q: How was jumping w/out support?
A: Not too fun, ok if did not get too much height.
...see above comment about size....would have been
more of an issue if I were more like adult movie actors....Prefer the
support of shorts/wetsuit when it comes to air time

Q: Did the swell ever hit your X!@#$?
A: No, just an occasional but slap, felt kind of good ;-)

Q: What was the girls/dogs reaction?
A: I think I heard them yell "right on brother"

Q: What type of harness do you use?
A: Waist. Would not want hooks/harness lines getting
all tangled up w/a seat harness and other body parts.....

Q: a sinefeld inspired question - was there major shrinkage?
A: No, the water/air were very warm.

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