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Usually by now, I'v gotten about 30-35 sailing days. This year: 22.
What's much worse is that 9 of those days were had in the Gorge! And of
the 13 days I've sailed at 3rd this year, I've done the Walk of Shame 6
of those days!

Die, El Nino!

Ken Poulton

"Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?"
                                        -- Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

Sailing reports not yet posted:

============= Fri 16 Jul 98 - 3rd - 4.9/257 (192#)

Michael left his 3.9 drying at home ("no way I'll need this until next
spring") and he could have used it. But the 4.4 sufficed; I took the
4.9. 22-25 knots at SFO, very unexpected. Great sailing!

------------- Sun 18 Jul 98

Headed up to Oregon (near Eugene) for two weeks with family.
If it blows, I hope to duck out to the Gorge for a week.

============= Thu 23 Jul 98 - Doug's - 4.7/257 (192#)

Windsight was predicting a blow and sure enough, so I drove up (from
near Eugene). Sailed all afternoon at Doug's Beach. It was going 30+
at the Hatchery and I expected it to move out to Doug's in the afternoon,
but it never did.

Sailed about 3 hours altogether.

============= Fri 24 Jul 98 - The Hatchery - 3.5/257 (192#)

I camped at Memaloose since wind at the campsite helps get me going
in the morning. It was windy all night and it was honking at the Hatch
when I got there at 8:30. I rigged my 3.5 and sailed it all day long.
Now that I know how much downhaul to apply (and it no longer slips)
this sail is very nice to sail! Had about 6' swell most of the day
with an unusual SW direction, creating shorebreak at all the launch

Walt and Jean arrived at 12:30. Walt and I had a heck of a time
trying to actually sail together - it seemed like when we were on
the water together, I could never find him. Turned out I was looking
for the wrong color sail!

Sailed about 5 hours spread over the day. We finally packed it up around
6:00 and retired to Bill's house.

============= Sat 25 Jul 98 - Viento - 6.0/257 (192#)

Prediction: no real wind. On his way out, however, Bill noticed
wind at Viento. This turned out to be the only spot blowing on the
whole river. We got there around 10:00, just in time to get the last
parkign spaces and to find the early sailors coming in saying their 5.0's
were not enough any more. So we rigged 6.0's and had a great time.
Not much swell, but with Bill and later Walt to sail with, we had

We sailed until 1:00. The parking lot had overflowed out to the highway
offramp - more sailors than Viento had had all season combined, said the

------------- Sun 26 Jul 98

Hot (100 F), still, dead, more heat predicted until Weds or Thursday. I
helped Bill clean out the garage. Then I did a little shopping in Hood
River and drove back to Blue River. Thunderstorms in the desert on hiway

============= Thu 6 Aug 98 - 3rd - 5.4,4.9/257 (190#)

Found the unusual situation of more wind at Coyote than SFO (usually SFO
has 2-3 knots more). Based on the Coyote numbers, lots of people had
smaller than usual sails, but I started out on my normal 5.4, Michael 4.9.
This was just right for the first hour - we went way down near the bridge
looking for better swell. Around 4:00 the swell started to pick up, and
the wind gradually cranked up to where it was a handful to hold on.

We went in to rig down one size (one screaming reach from below the
anchored barges; amazing how you can point when OP'd). The smaller
sail felt great at first, and then about 5:15 the wind backed way off.
Michael missed returning to the launch by 50 yards; I missed by 1/2 mile.
Can you say Walking Again?

Hanging my (semi-new) wetsuit up to dry, the zipper pull came off one
side of the zipper! Took me a long time to get it back on, and I had
to start it on the wrong end.

============= Sun 10 Aug 98 - 3rd - 5.4/257 (190#)

Took until 3:00 to get through the accident traffic jam on 101 to 3rd;
parking was overflowed a long way out. Similar conditions to Thursday:
strong Coyote reports and weak SFO reports (less than Coyote) due to fog
passing overhead at the airport. The wind from 3:30 to 4:30 was just
enough for my 5.4. We found flat water everywhere except in the shallow
water on the far side beyond the anchored barges. Around 4:45 the wind
picked up to make the 5.4 a bit overpowered. Swell finally appeared in
the channel and we sailed there until we were worn out.

About 20 minutes into the session, Michael broke the buckle on his
harness (same place my buckle broke last month, only he wasn't doing
hooked-in catapults in 30 knots, just sailing along in 20). He was
able to tie it together with a spare line and sailed the rest of
the session with the repair.

About an hour into the session, my "repaired" zipper worked loose from
the closed end and opened all the way across. But the water was so warm
that it didn't matter much.

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