Goes-10/Oyster Ramp

From: Ed Scott (edscott@best.com-DeleteThis)
Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 10:06:46 PDT

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Subject: Goes-10/Oyster Ramp
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:06:46 -0700
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Goes-10: Godsey says that Goes-10 is down. I think he's wrong since I
was able to able full disk and Pacific imagery through a NOAA site
(Western Region HQ in Salt Lake City) yesterday. The NRL site is down
(the message on the server says their receiver box is broken),
unfortunately, so there's no Bay Area close-ups that I've been able to
find. Does anyone have a non-NRL Bay Area satellite close-up that's
(near) real-time? Note that previous links to Goes-9 now point to
Goes-10 imagery due to the deactivation of the Goes-9 satellite.

Oyster Point Ramp - I think someone already posted on this, but in case
anyone was wondering, the Oyster Point ramp for windsurfing is under
construction. Last Thurs. they already had the rip-rap cleared and had a
gravel bed laid for some massive concrete slabs that will form the ramp.
It looks like it's either going to be a full-on boat ramp (hope not), or
the Cadillac (Mercedes?) of windsurf ramps. It's about 15 feet wide, and
my guess, judging by the number of slabs, it will be at least 60 feet
long. The slabs don't appear to be textured, so when the green slime
forms it might be a challenge to navigate. Not sure whether a rail will
still be installed as was reported last year, buy hey, at least we're
getting the launch back. It might even be launchable now if there's no
heavy equipment blocking the path. They had an excavator parked there on

And yes, I do believe there is a bakery upwind of Oyster/Genentech. You
always smell it when you get caught in the wind shadow behind Genentech.
Hence, my name for it - the Doughnut Hole! ;-) (sorry).


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