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Thanks for all the great postings. I am gonna try Alameda
tomorrow. How do I get to this spot from South Bay?

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> I've been taking my girlfriend to Alameda every week end to teach
> her for the past 5 weeks, and this is definitely the best place I
> have found around. I wish we had gone there earlier.
> - It is a longer drive from the peninsula.
> + there is no intimidating crowd in the water like at Shoreline or
> Coyote Point.
> + It is huge (a mile long beach). The wind is side on shore and
> brings you back down wind.
> + It is sandy and clean (you see your feet when standing in the
> water, and see the bottom when sailing, but it is still not Kauai).
> + It is shallow. During an afternoon, because the tide change is
> important, you can practice from beach start at every depth to
> waterstart, just by walking closer or further from the beach.
> + It is quite warm. Two weeks ago we sailed without wet suits, and I
> bet it'll be the same this week end.
> + there is a rental place, on the beach, open until 5pm, with
> reasonable prices (about 1/2 cheaper than in Hawaii).
> My girlfriend likes this place. she's been making a lot of progress
> and is now practicing waterstarts. Every time but one was windy
> enough for her to water start with her 4.1m2. I took a friend of
> average male size and he practiced waterstart there for the whole
> afternoon, actually making some with his 5.2m2. It is not as windy as
> outside Coyote, nor Third, but the wind is stronger than inside both
> of the peninsula spots, and consistent 10-15knts with flat waters.
> -Francois

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