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From: Ed Scott (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 21:54:15 PDT

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Subject: RE: Re VHF Radio
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 21:54:15 -0700
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>I picked up the 940 earlier this year. Fortunately for me I have not had
>a chance to try it out with the Coasties yet so I don't know how well they
>will pick it up from the channel but I assume they would pick me up better
>another hand held from shore (which I've been told works at 1watt). Coasties
>have better antennas, at least on land. I don't know about their boats
>but you
>hope they are closer to you ;).

I've been told by my radio geek buddies that even with the 5 watt
transmit, that it doesn't make much difference around here. I've been
told that the height above the water is much more important since VHF is
line of sight (e.g. for windsurfers). Maybe sit on your board if they're
having trouble receiving you. I've been told by Foster City Radio (Coast
Guard Auxilliary) that Coast Guard Group SF (Treasure Island) can usually
hear you from the Peninsula, for example, but Coast Guard Station SF
(Gorby's house?), sometimes can't (I may have the two mixed up, though).
It has to do with the position of the antenna. That's where the
Auxilliary comes in handy, such as for the Peninsula. I got the Apelco
with the 5 watt transmit for the extra security, cause an extra hundred
bucks didn't seem that much to me given that my life might depend upon

>The 940 is small and seems to be pretty solid. I wanted something that
>would hold
>up to the beating out there and I would have spent more if I thought I
>needed to. I
>tried tucking it in my wetsuit but I didn't like it in there. Right now
>I'm carrying
>it in a small "dry pack" with some flares and a strobe. I want to try
>sewing a pouch
>on my PFD to tuck it in when I get industrious.
>IMHO: Do get a radio and carry a strobe too, when you think about it, it's
>really cheap
>insurance for the cost of a used sail at a swap.

Amen, brudder.


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