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Yes, this is the sailing spot located in the ritzy/fancy/ town
of Rodeo (jk, it is pretty industrial). You can not launch from
Davis Pt, there simply is no access. The place where you
launch from is called Lone Tree Regional Park (you can see
it on the AAA bay area map). Davis Pt, the place where
the windmeter is located is about 1/2 mile downwind from there.

Directions: 80 east, exit on Willow Ave. The ramp will curve
around. At the stop light or sign at the bottom of the ramp take a right.
You will go through the town of Rodeo, pass a baseball field on your left
a Safeway on your right. The streets are numbered, e.g.,2nd 3rd 4th 5th,
After 4th, keep your eyes open for Pacific - it will be on the left hand
of the road running at an angle to the rest of the streets. Hang a left.
Pacific until you can't go any further, take a left and go into the

The parking lot will have a few old cars/trucks/rv's and rusted old boats
a fence. You will see a grassy path leading to the water. If you follow
path you will see the tree/sandy beach to launch from.

>From my limited experience, 5 sessions out there, the wind is best when
is a pretty good pressur gradient between sfo/sacto and deep marine layer.
I have
been on small gear there, 4.8/8'8" (207#) and large gear once. Steady
wind, big
swell with port jumps, much like third. Have not noticed a pattern of the
wind dropping
off, when it blows it blows. The wind line is a bit outside. Not too cold
- sailed
in 2/3 convertible suit with short sleves. On your first reach out,
turn around and note landmarks. By the time you get way outside all of the
looks about the same. Not sure if tides have an effect here.

To check the wind, follow this URL:
The display looks like this:
------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----

282203Z   270 00 02   010 06 23   180 21 21   300 16 22   240 18 21   210
16 18
-------   ---------   ---------   ---------   ---------   ---------   -----
292204Z   300 00 00   250 20 24   180 16 18   290 07 13   --- -- --   260
16 16

TIME: the first two digits are date (e.g., 28th and 29th of July). The next 4 numbers are Zulu time, also refered to as GMT: it is 8 hours ahead of PST and uses the military 24 hour clock. I like the way they show the previous days wind at the same time. The data is updated every hour.

Booker Bense <> on 07/31/98 12:02:23 PM

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> The place is actually called Lone Tree Regional Park, > in case anyone cares. I was one of the sails that was > out on the water: 6.2/9'4"(207#), nicely powered > the entire time. Of my 4 times sailing here, this was > by far the lightest wind day by a big margin. Several 3rd > regulars made the treck here, so it was nice to > sail with others for a change. Wish the wind > would have been stronger. > > I hope more east bay sailors start to come here. When > the wind is a bit stronger, this is a great place to sail, big > ramps, easy launch, wide open space. >

- Directions? Are you talking about Davis Pt. in Rodeo ?

- Booker C. Bense

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