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Thanks for all the responses. I just found out that Mistral may not
(still being looked at) cover the damage under a warranty claim. They
may offer a (pro-rate) credit towards the repair of this board, or a new
board. I actually bought the board 17 months ago - Feb last year, but
really didn't start using it until April-May. So, I guess I am
stretching the 12 month warranty just a tad...

I'll keep you all posted on this. Dan mentions that Hilfy offers a
lifetime warranty and that would certainly influence my decision on a
future board purchase.

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        Hifly has a lifetime warranty on their boards you might want to
use that as

        George Linke wrote:

> Even if it is out of Warranty, this should not happen and
Mistral should
> make good on that. I would defintely check with your dealer on
> proceedure on how to handle this. I am sure Mistral will take
care if it
> without charge. If they dont let us all know.
> At 02:24 PM 7/27/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Anybody have any experience with Mistral boards blowing out
the power
> >box? I didn't hit anything, but did notice a very small crack
where the
> >bolt hole for the fin is located (topside). Figured I'd just
slap some
> >epoxy on it after sailing yesterday. I guess I won't be doing
that, the
> >small crack actually became the entire inside area where the
bolt goes.
> >Looks like it collapsed into the board. I could take the fin
> >actually rock it back and forth. I'm real surprised I didn't
loose the
> >back half of the board while sailing.
> >
> >The bad news, I just bought it 14 months ago.. Did I miss the
> >by 2 months?
> >
> >Btw.. it's a Screamer 268.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >
> >
> >


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