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Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 17:22:10 PDT

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On Jul 27, 4:16pm, Jim Paugh wrote:
> Subject: Re: Sail repair
> Does anyone have any experience with NorCal Canvas, down by the marina
> in Redwood City? I've been told that they do good repair work on windsurfing
> sails for less money than Spinnaker or Leading Edge.
> Anyone ever use them?
> ~Jim
>-- End of excerpt from Jim Paugh

Yeah, I like Norcal. Not only is it good work, but he's really fast too. I
think the main guy's name is Kyle. He used to work at West Marine next to
Spinnaker, so I'd get a quote from Spinnaker, then take it next door and give
it to Kyle for usually about half the cost. If you have a number for them
please post it as I need to take a couple sails there myself.


Chris Rowe
Silicon Graphics, ASD Product Design 

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