Re: Golf ball damage at 3rd Ave

From: Matt Yamamoto (
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 16:56:44 PDT

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Subject: Re: Golf ball damage at 3rd Ave 
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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 16:56:44 -0700
From: Matt Yamamoto <>

Thanks a lot for the info Nick. I left a message for Chris so we'll see
what happens.

For the benefit of the others, I was parked along the side of the range
also. So ... it looks like this is a dangerous place to park.
Although the dent in my fender is fairly small but deep, I'm guessing
it'll be several hundred dollars by the time the body work and painting
are done. So if you want to avoid the hassle of getting any potential
damage fixed, I'd suggest parking in a safer place.

So ... any suggestions on safer places to park? Or other places to
avoid? I use to launch from the old launch site until they started
ticketing there and threatening to tow. Since there effectively appears
to be no parking at the old launch site now, I'll have to fight for the
available parking spaces at the new launch site.


On Wed, Jul 22 1998 15:14, Nick Rayner wrote:

> > My new car appears to have sustained some golf ball damage while parked
> > at the new launch site at 3rd Ave. I recall some discussion on
> > wind_talk regarding what to do in case of damage. Does anyone have the
> > name or phone number of the driving range? Or additional info on what
> > to do?
> >
> Must have been the day for it - I lost a rear side window to a golf ball
> yesterday while parked at 3rd (along the side of the range). I drove round
> to the range and talked to the manager there - Chris Aliaga (650 5737888).
> He was very helpful and said they would cover the cost. I got a quote this
> morning and should have the window replaced later in the week.
> I should add that he was interested in where I was parked (and presumably
> wouldn't cover it if I was illegally parked). He felt the city shouldn't be
> allowing parking along the side of the range (the car park was built after
> the driving range went in apparently) and he said at some stage the side was
> sign posted no parking but "somebody" had removed the signs and the city
> wasn't enforcing it. He also said he was keeping a log of these occurrences
> and would be approaching the city again to resolve this (by closing off some
> parking...?).
> All in all a bit of a pain, but made much less stressful by Chris's very
> responsible attitude (and a great afternoons sailing!).
> N.
> Nick Rayner

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