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I had a univeral joint seperation at Candlestick on Sunday. (Had this
happen once at 3rd too about 2 years ago). The internal screw came
loose. Lucky for me I was by the pier near shore. I was water starting
when it happened. I would say this is my fault for not checking my gear
enough before hitting the water. In my excitement I overlooked the
usual visual/physical check over. From now on I plan to take my
universal apart for a check up at least 3-4 times during the sailing
season. Probably best to replace every 3-4 years depending on how
often you sail. wrote:

> I saw that the wind was picking up rather early and
> work was lining up really nice to end around noon.
> Made the short drive to 3rd - the wind looked good, a
> few folks out on low 5's and 4's.
> Went out at 1:30 on 5.7/8'8"Enduro (207#), nicely
> powered the entire time. The first half of the session
> the swells in the channel were pretty nice. Towards
> 3pm the channel go pretty flat and the dark brown section
> of the water was really bumpy. A good 3 hr session.
> The water was very warm.
> Just curious, why is it that 3rd has so many board/rig
> separations (vs. Crissy or coast)? Next time I need a
> new board I am just going to rent a boat and cruise the
> south bay ;-)
> "Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me"

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